There are many fine motorcars on the road today but no one does luxury cars quite like the British for sheer class and opulence.

High Marque Classic Vehicles can transport you to your destination in the grandest marques of all –

The 1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur, the 1977 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II  and the 1991 Daimler DS420 State Limousine.

The motorcars were hand built to the highest standards with no expense spared and the comfort of ride is unparalleled with any other make of motorcar.

The Rolls-Royce and Daimler motorcars are ageless in design, coupled with modern comforts such as air-conditioning and climate control so that midsummer cruises are not an issue (the heaters in mid winter are cosy and warm as well).

Of course, the world’s best motorcars can only be as good as the drivers behind the wheel. High Marque Classic Vehicles don’t employ ‘drivers’, we employ fully trained Chauffeurs with many years of experience (Our Head Chauffeur has been in continual service since 1978 and is one of the most experienced in the industry).

We, at High Marque Classic Vehicles echo the spirit in which these vehicles were designed and reflect the company’s endeavours with class, style and attention to detail.

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